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Custom Door Hangers

Custom Door Hangers

When you really need to let someone know not to come in. Our door hangers are way cheaper than therapy. Maybe it is not that type of event and you just need some peace and quiet in a world full of chaos.

Come Back In Ten...

We’re at it again. Do you really want to risk it? Ear muffs sold separately.

At The Pool, Maybe The Bar

Double sided door hanger you can use at a campground to let your crew know where you are hiding.

Wake the Baby & Get Cut

Every parent understands this struggle. Some don’t and some idiots forget. They need to be reminded why silence is everything.

(Black Tank Level) Defcon 1

Use extreme caution if you feel the need to contribute. Better yet, go outside. Dig a hole. Whatever.

Custom Door Hanger FAQ

Nope. If all you want is one, that is totally fine. With all custom orders, there will be an engraving and artwork fee applied which is $65/hour as well as the product cost.

Not at this time, sorry. Currently, we can only ship to the continental United States.

A custom door hanger is a personalized or specially designed sign that is typically hung on a door handle or knob. These hangers are commonly used for various purposes, including advertising, promotions, informational messages, or as a creative means of communication. The term "custom" indicates that the door hanger has been made to order, tailored to specific preferences, designs, or messages.

Here are some common uses and features of custom door hangers:

  1. Marketing and Advertising: Businesses often use custom door hangers as a marketing tool to promote products, services, or special offers. They can be distributed in specific neighborhoods or areas to reach a target audience directly.

  2. Event Promotion: Door hangers can be customized to promote events such as sales, grand openings, or local community gatherings. Including event details and attractive graphics helps grab the attention of residents or potential attendees.

  3. Do Not Disturb Signs: In hospitality settings, custom door hangers are commonly used as "Do Not Disturb" signs. Guests can hang them on their room doors to indicate that they do not wish to be disturbed or that the room is occupied.

  4. Informational Messages: Organizations, schools, or institutions may use custom door hangers to communicate important information. This could include notifications about maintenance schedules, policy updates, or other announcements.

  5. Personalized Messages: Individuals might use custom door hangers for personal messages or celebrations. For example, a custom door hanger could be created for a birthday party invitation, a wedding announcement, or a holiday greeting.

  6. Design and Material Options: Custom door hangers can be made from various materials, including paper, cardstock, plastic, or laminated materials. The design can be customized to include graphics, text, logos, and colors that align with the purpose and brand identity.

  7. Die-Cut Shapes: Some door hangers may have unique die-cut shapes to make them more visually appealing or aligned with a specific theme.

Custom door hangers are versatile and can serve both practical and promotional purposes. They are an effective way to directly engage with a target audience and convey messages in a personalized manner.

Laser engraving is a technique that uses a laser to remove or mark the surface of a material, creating a visible design or inscription. It is a precise and versatile method commonly used for various applications such as personalization, branding, and artistic expression. Here's how laser engraving typically works:

  1. Laser System: Laser engraving involves the use of a laser system, which consists of a laser beam source, mirrors, lenses, and a controller. The laser beam is directed onto the material's surface through a series of mirrors and focused by lenses.

  2. Material Interaction: When the laser beam interacts with the material, it either removes a layer of the material (engraving) or alters its properties to create a visible contrast (marking). The specific process depends on the type of material being engraved.

  3. Computer-Controlled Precision: Laser engraving is computer-controlled, allowing for precise control over the depth and details of the engraving. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to create the digital design or pattern that will be engraved onto the material.

  4. Materials Suitable for Laser Engraving:

    • Wood: Laser engraving is commonly used on wood to create detailed patterns, designs, or text.
    • Metal: Certain metals can be engraved or marked using lasers, resulting in permanent and precise markings.
    • Acrylic: Laser engraving on acrylic produces a clean and polished look, often used for signage or artistic creations.
    • Glass: Laser engraving on glass can create intricate designs or text, leaving a frosted appearance.
    • Plastics, Leather, and More: Many other materials, including plastics, leather, rubber, and some types of stone, can be laser engraved.
  5. Applications:

    • Personalization: Laser engraving is commonly used for personalizing items such as awards, gifts, and promotional products.
    • Industrial Marking: It is employed for marking serial numbers, barcodes, and other identification information on industrial components.
    • Art and Decor: Artists and designers use laser engraving to create detailed and intricate patterns on various materials.
    • Branding: Businesses use laser engraving to add logos, names, or other branding elements to products.

Laser engraving is valued for its precision, speed, and ability to work with a variety of materials. It has become a popular method in industries ranging from manufacturing to crafts and arts due to its versatility and efficiency.

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