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Unique gifts that are bold and risque, yet classy AF


Most Popular & Our Favorites

Cherry picked from the bunch. Guaranteed not to be picked last for dodge ball.

Anti Social Mom's Club

Erin's Favorite Tumbler

Maybe your not the social butterfly that cruises around in the mini van. Instead, you prefer to give the bird as they drive by with a strong drink in hand.

Oh Sh*t, F%$k Yes!

Darren's Favorite Tumbler

Four power words which any two can be used in any combination. No matter the flavor of your drink, these words will describe it perfectly.

Don't F%$k Up
The Table

Most Popular Coaster

That is of course the purpose of a coaster after all. Right!?!

About Willow Spring Lane

We are Erin and Darren (yes, really). We hope to share some unique and entertaining items that make you laugh, brighten your day, or shock people around you. When we aren’t creating funny, offensive, and entertaining pieces, you can find us camping, traveling, trying new restaurants, playing card games, kayaking, hiking, and more along with our daughter.

Willow Spring Lane is the childhood home of Erin and her two sisters. The name evokes the fun memories of playing in the woods, exploring the river, staying out late with the fireflies, and much more.

Outdoor Lovers & Adventure Seekers

Handcrafted goods made by outdoor lovers for outdoor lovers who are always looking for the next big adventure.


We sell unique gifts that are bold and risque, yet classy AF. Custom designed tumblers, coasters, and door hangers using a laser engraver. We can engrave on a variety of metal, wood, plastic, and leather.

Our checkout is handled by Square which is fully secured and we accept all major credit cards.

When we had a travel trailer, it was mostly upper Illinois and the lower half of Wisconsin. We quickly grew tired of hauling the camper and currently have a permanent campsite at River Bend RV Resort in Watertown, WI. We live in Illinois. Darren still hopes to one day customize a camper van.

Cards Against Humanity which you could probably tell by our products and captions. The others might surprise you. Erin destroys everyone in Battleship while you won't stand much of a chance in Connect 4 against Darren.


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